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News Bulletin 1 – 21/11/2003

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Lindsay Meyers P/L faced challenges over recent times to produce economically, superior quality docked components on an ongoing basis to a growing number of industry groups.

This market required components to be precision docked to be true to the specified length and importantly, truly square cut. Traditional methods of docking proved to be less than reliable and extremely labour intensive.

The solution to the problem came in the form of our latest major capital investment, the Grecon Dimter S75 Optimiser Docker. This Machine allows the operator to input a range of lengths for each section size and prioritise the lengths required. Defects can be detected by the operator and marked for automatic docking by the machine. The computer scans the length of timber for defects and measures the timber allowing it to optimize the cutting pattern according to the data entered.



This machine has become an integral link in our ability to meet the market demand for set length components in a variety of grades, sizes and materials. Another benefit is the ability to utilize lower grade materials which are more economically priced and more readily available.

Since commissioning the docking saw in April, 2003, the team at Lindsay Meyers P/L has been successful in securing several ongoing contracts for a variety of docked components. These contracts include components for Awning and Blind Manufacturers, Furniture Manufacturers and Door Manufacturers in a variety of materials such as Clear Hoop Pine, Clear Radiata, Hardwood and Finger Jointed Pine.

If you would like Lindsay Meyers P/L to offer solutions to your docked component needs, contact our Sales Manager at

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