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Whether renovating yourself or going through a qualified tradesperson, Finlaysons are here to assist.

A truly vertically integrated company, Finlayson´s handles it´s products from plantation forest resource, through all processing and manufacturing, right through to final distribution. All our araucaria (hoop pine) products are sourced from Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified forests ensuring World best practice in environmental management. Recently we achieved our Chain of Custody Certification (CoC).

We are serious about offering you excellent service and competitive pricing for your project. Please talk to us if you are doing a renovation or large project as we would welcome the opportunity to discuss and gain an understanding of your needs, so we can map out a supply schedule and of course a competitive pricing schedule to match.

Even though Finlayson trade stores are located in Brisbane and Sydney, we deliver Australia wide either through a comprehensive wholesale network or on a direct basis.

Finlayson products are distributed Nationally through the members of Australia´s premium trade group – the Natbuild Group. If you are outside of Sydney or Brisbane area and you would like to find out how best to get Finlayson products to your door, please fill out the enquiry form below.

For further information about our product range please go to the products section were you can view our full 2008 – 2009 product catalogue available in pdf form.