Wood Properties And Uses

Wood is strong!
Check out the innovative wood technology at our Salisbury Research Centre, featured on the Going Bush TV program, and watch the science that compares timber’s strength with steel and concrete (external link).

Wood properties of timber trees
Wood properties and uses of 80 Australian and imported timbers.

Timber Answers wood properties reference centre
Online reference for the wood properties of over 1000 tree species.

Australian timbers – Western Queensland trees and their timbers
Potential timber trees that grow in western Queensland, particularly the desert uplands and mulga lands. Links to the Government bookshop.

Using wood treated with preservative
An overview of the standards relating to wood treated with preservative.

Construction timbers in Queensland
Guide to where and how timber can be used. ‘Construction timbers in Queensland: properties and specifications for satisfactory performance of construction timbers in Queensland – Class 1 and Class 10 buildings’.

Cocowood processing manual
From coconut wood to quality flooring – a manual for processing cocowood to meet international standards for flooring products.

Research and development in wood products and processing
Science and new technologies to support wood processing and construction industries.