About Us

Lindsay Meyers Pty Ltd has been operating a family business on the Redcliffe Peninsula, north of Brisbane since 1975.

The team at Lindsay Meyers Pty Ltd is committed to providing exceptional ongoing service and supplying quality products at competitive rates.

family ownedWe specialise in the manufacture of high quality timber mouldings, supplying customers Australia wide. Having the ability to replicate existing profiles and create new profiles to suit our customers’ needs is what sets us apart in the Timber industry. The company utilises the latest technology in machines and equipment, for example, introducing computer aided design (CAD) and making of its own cutters with the ability to produce any profile in any timber.

Lindsay Meyers Pty Ltd prides itself on employing fully qualified Wood Machinists all with many years of experience and continually training new Wood machining apprentices.

We currently offer an array of contract services to other timber companies and manufacturers which include priming, precision profiling, dressing, docking, sawing, and packaging.

Lindsay Meyers Pty Ltd is a member of the Timber and Building Materials Association (TABMA), Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Timber Queensland. The company won the 2010 TABMA award for “Best Manufacturing Operation”.

Whether you are an Architect, Designer, Builder, Timber Merchant or just a keen DIY Renovator, you will appreciate the variety of profiles and mouldings available.

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