It is now widely accepted that climate change and global warming are happening, that the causes are largely man-made, and that the effects are potentially disastrous.

At Lindsay Meyer’s, we are committed to caring for our environment, be that man made or natural.

We are committed to the development and distribution of forest-friendly timber and timber products. Products distributed by Lindsay Meyer’s are sourced where possible from renewable natural forests and managed plantations.

We will do this by:

  • All of Lindsay Meyer’s products are sourced from Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified forests
  • Lindsay Meyer’s has now obtained Chain of Custody certification
  • Most of Lindsay Meyer’s hardwood products are sourced from AFS certified forests
  • Lindsay Meyer’s are actively pursuing better energy efficiency, waste management, reuse and recycling
  • Lindsay Meyer’s conforms to the local marketing acts and building codes and carefully selects, dries and treats it’s Australian timber products for Australian conditions.